Henry Harrius Presents

RD INSTA LITE by Henry Harrius Ft.Vincent K


The MOST VISUAL cube solve on the planet! With absolutely NO MOVEMENTS at all, you INSTANTLY SOLVE a mixed up cube like CGI EFFECT (You have to see it to believe it!). It is so visual that you will swear the stickers themselves are changing colors! After the solve, you can then IMMEDIATELY hand out the cube for EXAMINATION

Reviews by Wizard Magic ReviewMagic Orthodoxy & Real Magic Review 

"I hate that toy! I hate Henry! And I won't change my mind until he gives me a box full of this wonder!"
- Mario Lopez


"I love it. So well thought, it will make it so easy for other magicians to do this effect.( Maybe too easy LOL ) I can't wait to start playing with this version."
- Garett Thomas


"Looks great! You've taken my concept to another level! Great job!"
- Daniel Garcia


"RD insta combines my favorite cube concepts and techniques with a thoughtfully designed quality gimmick that will give current routines a visual boost and open doors to many new ideas. Highest recommendation!"
- Karl Hein


Q: Can this be combined with the Venom Cube?
- Yes, you can combined with Venom Cube and any other cube tricks.It is taug details in the tutorial.

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