Henry Harrius Presents

Liquid Cash by Henry Harrius


A beautiful bill penetration with ANY TWO ORDINARY BORROWED BILLS.

Inspired by a lecture by Mr. Hiro Sakai 14 years ago, Henry came up with a completely new method for the amazing bill penetration. Borrowing two bills from your audience, you melt them through one another right in front of their eyes. Both bills are then handed out for examination.

Key points that make Liquid Cash so powerful:
- 100% impromptu
- All bills are borrowed
- NOTHING is added or stolen away
- Perform with any currency
- You can use two different color bills
- INSTANTLY hand out both bills after the effect

Liquid Cash has been one of Henry’s top secrets for more than 10 years. It's finally your chance to learn this impromptu miracle!

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“A miracle you can do with two borrow bills at moment notice. I can't believe it's not gimmicked!”
- Patrick Kun
“I think this is a cleanest and Clever version of a penetration bill effect. I was shocked that this can be done impromptu! Super Visual and 100% impromptu magic!”
- Jeki Yoo
“One of the best impromptu miracles! This is the pocket trick everyone must learn! (Before humans stop using physical currency.) ”
- Hanson Chien
Tutorial length: 13 mins