Henry Harrius Presents

Extra With No Extra by Henry Harrius (Ft. Danny Goldsmith)


Extra with No Extra is Henry's handling of the classic shadow coins routine. With its visual impact, you would swear that there must be an extra coin involved, but no! The routine is performed using JUST FOUR COINS and two hands - nothing more! Thanks to its devious concept, the routine delivers the same impact and feeling as the classic version, but without the need for an extra coin.

The best part of this routine is that it can be performed not only with coins but also with other objects such as bottle caps or any objects you can find. 

By learning Extra with No Extra, you will have an impromptu miracle in your hands.

Key points:
- Performed with any coins, even borrowed ones
- Does not require an extra coin
- Pure sleight of hand, with no gimmicks involved
- Completely impromptu

Bonus Ideas by Danny Goldsmith:
- Different variations and extra tips
- Perform with 4 international coins

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“This is the best f**king matrix I have ever seen! I pretty much only perform my own work…but I will be performing this.

So simple, so direct, yet so unbelievably visual at the same time. I feel like I can write a page on how amazing this is!”
- Danny Goldsmith
“Extra with No Extra is one of the cleanest looking bare handed assemblies to date. So damn good!”
- Eric Jones


“I’m a huge fan of Henry’s work! He’s always very visual and direct in his approach to magic.

Extra with No Extra is no exception. Here you’ll learn a beautifully fluid coin transposition, with a killer ending that will leave your spectators not believing their own eyes. Big thumbs up from me.”
- Kim Andersen
“Damn! This is too good.. Super practical, looks like real magic.”
- Nicholas Lawrence


"Japanese magicians have already done a lot of research on this magic trick, but Henry's matrix is still very inspiring and exciting for us. Practical and deceptive!"
- Jonio