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CUBEBUSTER has opened the door to our COLLECTOR SERIES. This top secret item was specially made for Henry by the HHP Team years ago, and now it's finally available to everyone.

CUBEBUSTER is a special limited edition of the RD360. After you finish your standard cube routine, you take out this insane looking 7x7 cube. (All the spectators will already be giving you astonishing reactions!) It is then freely mixed by your audience. Next, you can magically solve it without even touching the cube!

You can also treat this effect as a jaw-dropping stunt, solving it ONE HANDED, WITHOUT LOOKING, WITHIN 10 SECONDS.

But the coolest part is after the solve, you can use it to display different CUSTOMIZED PATTERNS: letters, numbers, playing cards, company names, or other designs you can think of! A powerful and surprising ending for your cube routine.


Henry Harrius is a creative genius and has taken the art of Rubiks Cube Magic into the future. Cubebuster is going into my act immediately.”
- Steven Brundage


"Cubebuster takes your cube magic to the next level, actually it jumps 4 levels. Like ambitious card and many other effects that get repeated. The mix and magically solve loop, needs and ending. Cubebuster gives you more spaces to create images and write messages and bring an act to a close, or even have an opportunity to tie a whole show together."
- Garrett Thomas


“Henry has done it again! Cubebuster is one of the most hard hitting and commercial cube routines I have ever seen. It looks impossible, it’s easy to do (you don’t even need to be able to solve a cube) and it will play to the biggest audience. The fact that it is totally customisable is the icing on the cake. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended!”
- Craig Petty
“Where is the end of creativity? Henry is showing us all the creativity that can be done with cubes. With no doubt, he will be recorded as the most creative creator in magic history.!”
- Charming Choi

Community Questions ABOUT CUBEBUSTER

Q: What is included?
- A 7x7 Giant Cube
- Precision-made Special Gimmick
- 4 packs of stickers
- 10 sheets of transitioning stickers
- Various routines & Ideas
- Pdf. customized patterns template
- Full video instructions


 *TV rights reserved. Please contact us at info@hhpresents.com for more details.

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