Henry Harrius Presents

RD Complete Shell Sets 2.0 by Henry Harrius


Henry Harrius is a FISM winner and has received worldwide acclaim for his groundbreaking effect, Rubik's Nightmare. The idea for a shell over a Rubik's Cube is not new, and it has been the desire of many performers for years. BUT the precision required to make such a shell that is convincing and doesn't LOOK noticeably larger—those are major obstacles. "RD" is the first product to achieve perfection in a shell.

This isn’t just a great utility package, but also a collection of killer tricks. Learn how to take a cube that has been MIXED BY A SPECTATOR, put it into a paper bag, showing it jumbled until the last minute before you snap your fingers and show it solved on all sides. Also learn the BRAND NEW version of Henry's Rubik's Nightmare routine as well as a method for solving the cube in midair without any gimmicks. All of that and MUCH MORE!

Reviews by Magic Orthodoxy
"Henry Harrius is one of the fathers of modern day Rubik's Cube magic!"
- Steven Brundage


"Just skill is not enough. A magician must take advantage of all the tools possible, Rubiks Dream makes that a reality."
- Garrett Thomas


"The shell looks real and beautiful! Rubiks Dream will take us to the new world of Rubik's Cube Magic."
- Takamiz Usui


"Thank you Henry Harrius for opening up so many more magical possibilities with Rubiks Dream!"
- Karl Hein

Community Questions about RD Complete Shell Sets

Q: What is included?
- One precision-made cube shell
- Two regular Rubik’s Cubes
- One mini shell
- One mini cube 
- Extra stickers 
- Extra magnets
- 46-minute instructional download. 

Q: What is the difference between RD Shell Sets and RD360?
- RD shell sets is more versatile and is perfect for you to explore more possibilities. RD360 is more fooling and powerful because of its deviously designed gimmick. It is the perfect tool to solve a spectator's mixed up cube, giving them a final punch in your routine.
- If you are new to cube magic, we would recommend RD Shell Sets for you. You can learn all the basics sleight of hand like false shuffle and magical solve, etc. If you already have good knowledge in cube magic, RD360 will help you to enhance the cube magic you already do!
- Both RD Shell Sets and RD360 will enhance your cube magic to a whole new level. You may even come up with your own ideas and routines with them!